Mission & Vision


Milk & Water™ is a baby bottle, but it’s also a lifestyle. We are creating a movement to be able to formula feed on the move from anywhere, anytime.

At Milk & Water we want to unite women in the ability to move freely with their babies and make a mothers life easy, but also allow her to stay true to herself. A Milk & Water bottle gives a user the opportunity to keep their style and feel beautiful. They can show the world they care about themselves, their baby and the environment as a community from anywhere they choose to be!


At Milk & Water™ we want to give you the freedom to feed your baby anywhere anytime keeping it a close to nature as possible with a warm feed. 

Sustainable Distribution

We will be working alongside 1% for the planet which was founded on the model of responsible businesses giving back to environmental nonprofits to create a healthier planet.

Intelligent Design

At MILK + WATER™ our mission is to do everything we can to protect our beautiful land and seas by designing long lasting, reusable and recyclable products. We are committed to building the best bottles that we can whilst considering our planet and encouraging others to do the same.